Developmental Class

Developing Your Spiritual Connection

Developmental Class

Connect with the power of your inner intelligence and become more in harmony with the forces that sustain your life. Free yourself from the constraints of negative conditioning and thinking. Learn new life skills.

Release fear and illusion and take control over your life. Realize the reality of living in the ‘now’. Learn to release suppressed negative energy. Learn to find and practice inner peace. Practice deep transcendental relaxation. Overcome stress and gain access to your inner strength. Improve your emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Find the key to your hidden abilities and Access new-found confidence in yourself.

$25 per person (max 10 per class)

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Gain A Greater Connection With Spirit

This meditation class encompasses techniques for connecting with your inner self, your guides, Angels and the Spirit realm. Through this connection you gain a greater understanding who you are and your soul's purpose. Class will consists of mediations, practical exercises, journaling, group discussions and activities. Class size of 5-10 people.