Spirit Directed Life Coaching

Whether you're looking for healing body, mind and spirit or guidance in creating the life you desire, I can help.

Spirit Directed Life Coaching

Connecting to divine wisdom, spirit directed life coaching can assist you in accessing your inner guidance and your personal spiritual support system offering profound healing and personal growth. Acting as a loving witness while working in tandem with your higher self, your spirit guides and your angelic support system, I can assist you in identifying and removing barriers that may inhibit your path to happiness, fulfillment, and success in life.

Spirit directed life coaching typically includes regularly scheduled appointments for ongoing support in facilitating growth and positive change.

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Interested in scheduling an appointment? This is what I offer:

Private Session: $100 per session
Typical sessions are about 45 minutes to an hour long.

Group Sessions: $35 per person
Minimum of 8 people and maximum of 15. Everyone recieves a brief message.

Group Demonstartions: $25 per person
Minimum of 15 people. Not everyone will recieve a message.

Phone Session: $50 per session
Typical phone session is 30 minutes long.