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If you are feeling lost or stuck in your life, as an intuitive coach, I can help you get back on track. I am not a therapist and will not give you advice. Instead, I work with you at a higher consciousness to help you find your solutions and take responsibility for your life. I use many spiritual tools and talents to help you access information that may not be available to you through your conscious mind. These include receiving guidance from your higher self, your guides and angels, and loved ones in spirit. I use a holistic, controversial therapeutic approach that considers your mind, body, and spirit.

Things I can help you do:
  • - shift your worldview for the better
  • - improve your relationships
  • - improve physical and mental well-being
  • - make it possible to positively influence others
  • - boost self-awareness, self-worthiness, and self-love
What to expect during a session:
  • - each session is approximately an hour long
  • - I use a controversial therapeutic approach
  • - you may choose to come with questions or just be open to receiving what comes
  • - you may record or take notes
  • - followup sessions may be recommended
Throughout the session, I may use some or all of the following tools and spiritual gifts:
  • - channeling your higher self
  • - connecting with loved ones in spirit
  • - intuitive body/medical reading
  • - channeling your angels and guides
  • - reading your Akashic Record
  • - reading your energetic field
  • - connecting with your subconscious
Is this right for you? Yes, if you consider the following:
  • - quickly clear blocks to align with your best self
  • - stop struggling with committed relationships
  • - manifest a brighter future self and life

  • - communicate with loved ones in spirit

  • - understand your soul's purpose and why you are here

  • - connect with higher consciousness

  • - feel lighter, energized, and inspired

In recent years, the term “life coaching” has become increasingly popular. Life Coaching emerged in the last decade and has since become a popular option to facilitate the inquiry for a fulfilling life. With the rise of the internet and social media, more and more people are looking for guidance and support in achieving their goals.


Working with a life coach can help you identify your goals and create a plan to achieve them. Plus, as your life coach, I commit to providing support and accountability to help you stay on track.


As an intuitive life coach, I use intuition and other spiritual tools to help you identify, process, plan and ultimately achieve your goals. Intuitive life coaching is a holistic approach that takes into account your mind, body, and spirit. Here we use all of the tools available in the physical world, our bodies and mind, and personal intuition and guidance to clarify and attain your desired life goals.


If you’re looking for a life coach who can help you create lasting change in your life, as an intuitive life coach, we may be a good fit for you.

Things I can help you do:
  • - identify your life purpose and passion
  • - remove obstacles that stop you from achieving success
  • - set attainable goals
  • - offer new and alternative perspectives
  • - achieve your life goals
Is this right for you? Yes, if you consider the following:
  • - life coaching takes a commitment - I offer 6- and 12-month packages
  • - you may choose weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions
  • - clear goals and intentions are needed for success
  • - I will act as your accountability partner to keep you on track
  • - I will use the same tools used in intuitive coaching

Feeling stuck in your career? Not sure of the next step or if the next step is the right one? As an intuitive business coach, I am here to help you clarify your goals while creating an attainable plan to reach them.


As an intuitive business coach, I have helped people all over the world learn and grow in their careers by using insightful intuition, my skills and expertise as a corporate marketer for 25 plus years, my experience as a CEO running an international product manufacturing company, and the various spiritual tools I use to gain insight and direction for forward momentum. My goal is to help you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you can make better decisions in your careers.


Through the process, you will learn how to connect with your intuition and use it to guide your business decisions. You will also learn how meditation and mindfulness will help you attract more clients and create a more sustainable business.

Things I can help you do:
  • - confidence in decision-making
  • - improve your work relationships
  • - reduce stress to improve physical and mental well-being
  • - positively influence your team, co-workers, staff
  • - boost productivity and income
Is this right for you? Yes, if you consider the following:
  • - your business or career has hit a plateau
  • - there is discord in your business/career relationships
  • - you are unable to imagine the next steps to scale your business
  • - you want to increase your income
  • - other methods have been unsuccessful
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    Kathy helped me navigate through a very confusing time in my life. After working with her, I was able to gain clarity about what path to follow to align with my destiny. I'm so thankful for her guidance!


    Tara Poey

    Owner at Miracles Wellness Center

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    I went to see Kathy when I was at a very important crossroads in my life and felt strongly that I needed help from my guides. Kathy not only helped me navigate which way to turn on those crossroads, but she gave me peace of mind and heart that either way wasn’t a wrong choice. She quickly became not only a trusted confidant but a friend in the physical and spiritual. I am grateful to get to know such an amazing human and her gifts! Thank you for ALL you do, Kathy! Until next time…✨


    Aislyn Marisa

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    Kathy Lamm works while closely connected to Higher Consciousness. I’m finding that, because she’s approaching our sessions from that perspective, she talks with me about issues in such a way that I’m much more able to ‘hear’ the advice. I leave our session energized and optimistic.


    Susan Lang

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    I had an intentional reading with Kathy Lamm, an amazing, enlightening and insightful experience. I'm comforted knowing I have ancestors, guides, and angels supporting me in my life.


    Sheila Johnson